Which Routers Work Best On An NBN Connection?

Which Routers Work Best On An NBN Connection?

We’ve seen that wireless alternatives don’t readily measure up to the NBN, but even if you are lucky enough to actually have an NBN connection, the equipment you use can make a major difference to throughput. Blogger and PC gear distributor Raaj Menon tested 10 routers on his trial NBN connection in Willunga, and found that ASUS and Apple gear delivered the best performance.

Menon ran two suites of tests: simultaneously downloading and uploading a large file to see how well the actual connection worked, and a WAN to LAN performance script to see how much data can actually get delivered to your system (using a direct Ethernet connection). His conclusion?

Of these 10 routers, 2 of them the ASUS RT-N56U and the Apple Airport Extreme 2011 performed brilliantly in the throughput test and the rest of the routers produced 50% less throughput than these two. The Netgear DGND3700 and the AVM Fritz!Box 7390 also performed extremely well. Even at the highest 100Mbit NBN plan any of these routers will do its job.

Interesting stuff, though as Menon points out real-world performance will be hit with a range of other factors. Hit the post for full details of the test process.

NBN Ready Routers: 10 routers tested for speed [Digital Dreamer]


  • I bought the ‘Billion Bipac 7800N’ because I was told it was one of the best routers around, although I have to say ‘Billion’ support sucks balls! So why didn’t they rate it? hardly a comprehensive list to choose from though! On a higher note, heard on the news this morning that Toowoomba will start NBN hookup before the end of the year. Still wondering if it will be a good deal in the end no matter how good it actually sounds! #]

    • It was essentially routers he could get hold of. (Raaj actually runs Billion’s distributor, so if it had ranked top it might also look odd . . .)

  • We had some issues running the 7800N mainly erratic throughput. However in our tests it ran between 70 and 80Mbits. The issue has been reported to Billion which will be fixed soon. So if you are after a 50/20 NBN plan the 7800N will work just fine but not at 100/40 speeds. The 7800 just doesn’t have a powerful enough CPU to run at those speeds. Time was also a big factor as you can imagine.

    • Bugger! looks like my Billion is going to be sold on Gumtree soon, to make way for an “Asus RT-N56U”… Or should I keep it as an ethernet extender? #}

  • Ecky, you are still a long way to the NBN, don’t panic yet. Enjoy your 7800N as it is still a great router. Once NBN rolls in your place then you can consider something newer and by that time there may be even more powerful routers than the N56U. Also keep in mind the ASUS does not have a built in ADSL modem. Usually Routers with built in ADSL modems will not get such high throughputs like the ASUS or the Airport Extreme.

  • This is actually something I’ve been waiting eagerly for with the NBN – we can do away with those all-in-one modem-routers! I can vouch for the throughput of the Airport Extreme – the attached Billion modem needs a reboot every 3 – 4 days under heavy use, while I can’t remember the last time I needed to touch the Extreme.

  • Thanks for the review Raaj, my NBN install is booked in for next Friday and I’d been meaning to research a good router. The Internode supplied Netcomm peaks out at 50Mb/sec apparently and the Fritz!box 7390 is a bit above my budget. The ASUS looks amazing, can handle the traffic and isn’t too pricey, I think I’ll be getting on of those 🙂

  • I wonder what the purpose of the ADSL2+ interface on the Netgear is?

    Seems a little pointless, when you could get a straight gigabit router with a gig-e WAN port.

  • Only problem with the Asus is you miss out on integrated VOIP etc that the Fritz will do =/ hard sell cos the Asus looks sexy as.
    FetchTV only needs an ethernet connection yeah? I know it won’t run on NBN yet cos there’s no IP Multicast support.

  • Only other thing is that the Asus is only 2/3 the price of Fritz… hmmms hard choice. I’ll be moving into my new house that’s already hooked up, and I have no intention of using copper phone lines. I guess I’m going to have to find out which is better for gaming lol I’m leaning towards the Asus but worried about a dedicated VOIP line.

  • Ollie,

    Depends on what your uses are but the Fritz has far more features than the Asus , but the Asus is more powerful but its main function that it is a wireless router & USB whereas the Fritz has a lot more features like built in answering machines, fax, built in DECT etc. And it is powerful enough for the NBN. But again depends on what is more important to you. If VoIP is important then you cant go wrong with the Fritz but if you dont use VoIP then the ASUS is a better buy in terms of CPU power but with a lot less functionality.

  • Ive been told by activ8me that to get best possible results for my nbn service that i need a tp-link router. Yet i cant find it on any discussions on best nbn wireless routers

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