We’re Impressed By This Mobile Knife Sharpener

We’re Impressed By This Mobile Knife Sharpener

We’ve told you before how to hone your own knives and why sharp knives are useful, but for a proper knife sharpening you need a professional. Our standard suggestion is to hit a local market or ask your friendly butcher, but we’re impressed by the mobile knife-sharpening operation Danny at Gizmodo spotted outside our building.

Obviously, someone with a motorbike and a generator could cover a wide area, so we wouldn’t be surprised to find similar operators at markets and other foodie-friendly locations. If you have a favourite knife-sharpening service, tell us about them in the comments.

Now That’s A Sharp Ride [Gizmodo]


  • I have been hugely impressed with an electric (mains powered) sharpener I bought. With ceramic rollers set at the optimum angle (whatever that is, I forget now), it’s easy to use and very effective. It was about $90 from memory and I think it’s made by or affiliated with Shun, but the brand’s actually Kai. Worth a look. I got it when I bought a Shun, but I’ve used it on my old cheap kitchen knife and it gave it a razor’s edge. I think it’s as good an edge as when I used to take knives to King of Knives, and at the prices they charge it won’t take long to recoup my costs.

  • I have seen a few mobile sharpeners around, they go from butchers shop to butchers shop.

    the only drawback is if you give you knives to the butchers they will add a dollar or two to the price

  • aarrrgghhh. Not on Lifehacker too. I see this guy everywhere. Well, mostly on Victoria Rd. Although i did follow him near the airport yesterday. The bike is so distinctive.

    • Hi Jeff, I did the sharpening for King of knives for 25 years,out of the $9 they charge they have to pay a lot of rent and thats always on the way up.I only got a small proportion of the price,and my biggest expense was petrol I did 350 K,s per day,did’nt leave much.Cheers JL.

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