WatchDoc For Chrome Alerts You When Your Google Docs Are Modified

Chrome: If you use Google Docs to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and other files, you know it can be nerve-wracking to wait for someone else to update your document before you work on it again. WatchDoc takes the surprise out of it and lets you know instantly when the document's been updated and by whom.

Once installed, WatchDoc sits in Chrome's toolbar quietly until someone you've shared a Google Doc wil updates it or adds a comment. Then it'll show a notification badge with how many updates have been made in the toolbar. Click the WatchDoc button and you'll see a list of which documents have been updated, when they were updated, and who updated them.

WatchDoc is free and works wherever Chrome does. The app only supports Google accounts and not Google Apps accounts right now. If you authenticate and land as an "OAuth Redirect" page, don't be alarmed: that's normal and the extension is running in the background.

WatchDoc [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]


    Syncdocs is also pretty good at keeping your Google Docs synced to the local PC, if you don't like Google's basic editor.

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