Wallflower Turns Off Social Sharing Buttons, Improves Firefox Performance

Firefox: All of those sharing buttons and widgets that live on a lot of web sites may be great for sending posts around to your friends, but they can also drag down your browser. Wallflower, a new extension for Firefox, will disable those buttons and speed up your browsing experience.

The developer behind Wallflower notes that it wasn't privacy he was interested in when he developed Wallflower: it was speed. He noted that sites that made heavy use of sharing buttons and add-ons often had no control over how well or poorly those add-ons or buttons performed, and subsequently they would drain system resources and slow down his browser.

He didn't want to give up his favourite sites, so Wallflower was born. Once installed, Wallflower will automatically block Facebook and Google+ buttons from appearing on the sites you browse. Wallflower isn't the only utility that does this: if you have AdBlock installed in Firefox or Chrome, you can get the AntiSocial subsctription to accomplish the same thing without installing a new extension.

Wallflower [Dietrich.blog via Cnet]


    Hi, Thanks for the article. Could you tell me where can I get the Antisocial subscription for ABP.

    I don't see it in the list of subscriptions.

    Regards b1ackmai1er

    With a bit more googling I found it here:



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