Use Mayonnaise To Fix Cracks In Wood Furniture

Use Mayonnaise To Fix Cracks In Wood Furniture

Even the best wood furniture will get scratches and cracks in it over time, and while you probably already know to rub it down with some wood polish or oil to help smooth out minor cracks, a dab of mayonnaise is perfect for cracks in the wood, according to DIY Life.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski.

Of course, this will only work for small cracks, but smooth mayonnaise over the crack to fill it, wipe off any extra, and let the crack sit for a few days. According to DIY Life, the oils and proteins in the mayonnaise will make the wood swell up at the point of contact, and while it likely won’t close the crack entirely, it’ll definitely shrink. When it’s swelled shut a bit, you can then wipe off anything left behind and polish the wood to obscure the crack.

This is just one of five wood repair tips in the article, but it’s definitely one of the most unorthodox (and a little gross). Have you tried this with an old wooden dresser or chair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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