Use Fabric Softener Packages As A Simple Air Freshener

Want to keep nasty smells out of your cupboards, car boot or other closed location? Lifehacker reader Jean-Pierre has a simple recommendation: fabric softener.

Here's the concept in his own words:

Buy a concentrated package of fabric softener and use in place of regular air freshener. The fragrance will diffuse through the plastic and last a lot longer. I have one in the boot of my car and one in my shoe cupboard and it smells great and not overpowering. When the fragrance starts to lessen you can always use it as it was intended to be used!

This is a similar principal to the notion we've discussed previously of storing soap in your linen cupboard. Fabric softener will offer a stronger smell, though you will need to take care not to break the packaging accidentally. Thanks Jean-Pierre!


    At least this is a genuine use for Fabric softeners, I stopped using it in my washing ever since the article about washing powder and softener overuse was posted a year or so ago. It has genuinely improved the quality of the fabric. Just keep in mind what was said about breaking the package, you will never get rid of that smell, and it is overpowering if your sensitive to smells! #]

    yeh +1 to this.

    If you are chucking it into a wardrobe make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere. Really not fun to clean up.

    Yeah, may not be a great idea according to this study:

    Congratulations Rovo.
    Great to have original source. Already read other coverage.
    Toxicology data on 'air fresheners' in general is progressing. It's not pretty.
    Concept: Basically there is a need for clear exit date for many innovations we take for granted. Unfortunately today the world is lax; really moving slowly towards 'getting around' to proving something is unsafe. Once upon a time stuff had to be proved safe to be released. Now the science is good enough to rapidly raise questions, but that is inconvenient.

    Just use a bar of soap. Works wonders in each draw, cupboards and anywhere confined.

      +1 #]

    I've been using tumble-dryer sheets in my clothes drawers and closets and even in between the cushions on my couch for years. Using the sheets works SO much better than fabric softeners because there's no chance of leaks, stains or damage to anything in your home.

    I googled fabric softners and wasnt aware that they are very harmful & toxic !
    Although I don't use mine in the washing machine, instead I use it as air freshner for my car & am wondering if this is still harmfull ? I guess maybe ??

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