Use Details From A Friend To Make Passwords More Memorable

You definitely shouldn’t use obvious passwords, but if you’re not using an automated password manager solution how can you make your passwords more memorable? We’ve recommended various tricks in the past, but reader Jack suggests an interesting twist: use information about your best friend.

Picture by Dave Gingrich

Here’s Jack’s suggestion:

Use the info of your BFF or their family for your password. You should use numbers and symbols as well of course, and I like the idea of using a phrase, but there will be details about your best friend’s life that are second nature to you, and you won’t forget it (what street they grew up on, parents’ names, pet names and so on). So at the same time as making the password easier to remember, it also makes it impossible for someone to guess by searching through your dumpster or reading your emails (unless of course they know you are using your friend’s bio as a reference point!)

I wouldn’t necessarily want to use this as a means of setting my own password, but it strikes me as one way of making password recovery questions more obscure. There’s still no real substitute for a comprehensive password solution that creates unique, hard-to-duplicate passwords, but this could be a useful complementary strategy.

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