Use Brown Paper Bags To Keep Mushrooms Dry And Fresh

When moisture gets to your mushrooms, it's the end of the line for them. Thankfully, you probably have the best tool to keep your mushrooms dry and tasting fresh in your kitchen: a simple brown paper bag.

Photo by Steven Depolo.

Just keep your mushrooms in the paper bag so excess moisture that evaporates from the mushrooms seeps into the paper. The arrangement keeps the mushrooms from drying out too quickly, but doesn't trap them with the moisture. Water evaporating from the drying mushrooms will then seep into through the paper, as opposed to condensing on the inside of the bag as it would if you stored them in plastic.

The result are mushrooms that might survive a few extra days without getting limp and mushy. This shouldn't be news to anyone who has noticed the brown paper mushroom bags in any supermarket, but it's worth pointing out (Lifehacker's Australian editor has certainly seen people ignore those bags and use regular plastic).

How do you store your mushrooms? Share your tips in the comments.

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