Use A Tennis Ball To Keep A Swimming Pool Cleaner

For a quick way to remove oils from the surface of a swimming pool, throw in a tennis ball, suggests home decorating and design blog Shelterpop.

Photo by Nicholas.

The reason a tennis ball works for cleaning pools?

Its velvety surface will absorb the oils left behind on the surface of the water from visitors coming and going.

(Note: you can add a dog to help out, as in the photo above, but we're not sure if this would also negate the cleaning advantages.)

A Surprising Way to Clean a Pool [Shelterpop]


    The dog may not help, but awwwww - so cute!

    We often have a tennis ball floating in our pool, not because of the reason above, but because our kids chuck anything and everything in the pool at one time or another (balls, stones, toys, each other...)

    The dog would negate the chlorine in the pool. Saw it on a TV show years and years ago.

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