Use A Hard Drive Magnet To Find Studs In Walls

Use A Hard Drive Magnet To Find Studs In Walls

If you need to locate studs in a wall, you can buy a special gadget for the job. But if you have an old hard drive, you can get the job done for nothing.

Picture by Knick Flanigan

Reader Justin wrote in explaining how that worked for him:

Just a quick tip for those who have experienced issues finding the studs in their standard walls like I have: Rather than using an electronic stud finder which was off by approximately 10cm (I spent $15 on for a basic one, then later $95 on a more advanced one which gave the same results), I realised there are nails holding the plaster onto the wall studs. I ripped one of those powerful magnets out of an old hard drive and ran it across the wall. To my amazement I was able to find the nail right away which was in the centre of the stud.

We’ve mentioned a similar technique quite a while back, but it definitely seemed worth revisiting. If you’ve got another neat trick for stud-finding, tell us in the comments. Thanks Justin!


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