Type Contractions Faster By Spelling Words Incorrectly On Your iPhone


Your iPhone’s autocorrect feature isn’t always perfect, sometimes to the point of humour, but it can be very useful. This is especially true when typing contractions, as your iPhone will take care of the apostrophe for you. The problem is, it doesn’t work with words like we’ll because well is a correctly spelled word. The solution? Make a purposeful typo.In the case of we’ll, all you need to do is type welll (that’s a third L at the end). The same goes for we’re — just type weree. The iPhone knows what you’re trying to do and will correct the word accordingly. This is a huge time saver. Check out the video above for a demo. But remember to check contractions carefully, especially when using its versus it’s — the iPhone usually gets this wrong.

My favourite iPhone Shortcuts [iPhone J.D.]


  • OMG, this is awesome, I have troubles with the we’re and we’ll words all the time, it seems so counter-productive to stop typing to switch to punctuation mode to fill in these gaps. Another great tip LH!

  • Just found a flaw actually, since I typed the word “wello” when I was travelling in NZ, adding the extra l in well actually suggests wello instead. Is there a way to retrain the autocorrect?
    This would be very handy, since the iphone refuses to accept I want atm (at the moment) not to be in capitals as in Automatic Teller Machine!

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