TomTom Offers Live Traffic Updates In Australia On GPS, iPhone, Web

TomTom Offers Live Traffic Updates In Australia On GPS, iPhone, Web

TomTom has extended its HD Traffic service, which provides live updates on traffic problems and suggests alternative routes, to Australia. The option is now available on TomTom’s GPS devices, via its iPhone app and online.

TomTom uses data automatically collected from TomTom GPS users to identify traffic flow and potential troublespots, and combines that with data sources with state traffic authorities. (The data collection is anonymised and can be switched off in the iPhone version, but not on GPS devices.) Updates are sent to devices every 2 minutes.

HD Traffic is a clear rival to the longer established SUNA service. SUNA can take advantage of direct connections into traffic lights and other measurement system, while TomTom can cover a wider area since it draws data from its base of users.

Users can browse the maps for traffic updates free of charge (which could be a handy option before leaving the office). A one-year subscription to HD Traffic will be included on new TomTom devices; extending that subscription costs $69.95 a year. Subscribing to traffic updates in the TomTom iPhone app is $41.99 a year, though there’s a $31.99 special running right now.



  • I don’t know if it’s as good as the Tom Tom app, but I’ve found the traffic overlay on the Google Maps app very useful and the price is right.

  • After looking at the TomTom map, there’s almost no info for Perth. Google has a LOT of info here.

    This also makes my main gripe with navigation devices even more obvious. No-one here knows or cares which state route is which. We use the street names, not the route numbers.

    • I must say when the voice gets the street name wrong and then says Route 51 or what ever it be, it’s actually really handy to look at the sign see the number 51 and instantly recognize that is the one you are after. Especially at high speeds on freeway, etc.

      Handy at times, mostly ignored.

  • Do we ALSO get the character voices?

    I’d love for Darth Vader to show me the way to the deli!

    “Go Forth! NAAAAAAAOOOO *LEFT*! Cease your travel in a hundred yards!”

    Yoda must be confusing.

    “50 yards you will go, YEEEEES! Turn to the right side you will MMM!”

  • Hang on a second, so the new HD service doesn’t include SUNA’s data source in addition to other TomTom HD devices?

    If that’s the case, it means the traffic data will only be as good as the number of other HD users out on the road at any one time. Given that this is a brand new product, how many is that? Maybe 20 per city?

    Sure it will get better as they sign up new users who start driving around then, but till then it’s going to suck badly.

  • Apparently all new tomtoms transmit anonymous gps info. back to HQ, whether you are a subscriber or not. So I guess the accuracy of their traffic data will improve over time.

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