To Quickly Rename Multiple Files In Windows, Just Hit Tab Or F2

Windows Vista/7: The next time you have a bunch of files to rename, don't hit enter after renaming the first file. Instead, hit tab to quickly highlight the next filename. Hitting F2 will also rename multiple files automatically based on the first filename.The tab shortcut is a lot faster than clicking on each file and waiting the second or so until it can be renamed. (Use Shift+Tab to go to the file above rather than the one below.)

With the F2 shortcut, you can select multiple files and give them all the same name with sequential numbering (1), (2), etc. This might be useful for naming photos in a series, for example.

[via Reddit]

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    Good tip. For more complicated neo-nomenclature there's Bulk Rename Utility -

      Yeah, I've been using 'BRU' for years, truly comprehensive list of attributes that can be manipulated, probably too many actually! #]

    Just don't forget that when you rename a file/folder it shifts to it's ordered place in the list. Can be hard to see where they went sometimes, heh heh! #]

      I've found the best way to avoid that is to order the files by date:time first

        +1 #]

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