These Exercises Can Help Avoid Dangers Of Sitting Down All Day

These Exercises Can Help Avoid Dangers Of Sitting Down All Day

Hopefully we all know by now that sitting all day is killing us. Thankfully, for those of us who can’t leave the confines of a desk during the workday, these sitting exercises can alleviate some — but not all — of the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle.

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There’s no mistaking the fact that there’s no replacement for getting up and moving around as often as you can, especially during the workday. However, if you do find yourself at your desk for hours on end like most of us, these sitting exercises from AOL Healthy Living can help.

Many of them are simple, like simple waist twists and shoulder shrugs to keep your joints limber. The additional exercises, like the Agni Sara and the Back Release Pose, are a bit more conspicuous, but they can help you stretch your back and spine and avoid the slouching and posture issues that come with sitting all day at a desk or computer. How do you manage to stay active at a sedentary job? Leave your tips in the comments.

How to Exercise While You Sit [AOL Healthy Living]


  • Every few minutes I will get up from my computer and look around the office. When I am sitting down I will do the waking up style stretch at least a couple of times every hour. Now that I think about it a significant part of the time I spend at my desk is spent standing up.
    Every working day I get three breaks – 15 minutes in the first 3 hours (most of the time this is spent walking up to the cafe to buy a sandwich), half an hour for lunch (again spent walking to and from the cafe to buy a sandwich) and another 15 minute break towards the end of the day on which I watch foxtel in the break room lol.
    Also drink on average 2 litres of water during my 8 hour working day. Only water while I work, no coffee or juice or soft drink.

  • I really ought to drink more weater at work – I get in a couple of cups a day as it is, though at least two coffees don’t help my hydration :–].

    Apart from stretching my shoulders and neck I have a restless leg and I’m constantly changing where I put my legs – I suspect that my constant jiggling and fidgeting helps avoid leg issues.

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