The Treehouse Workspace

Nobody ever said treehouses were just for children, or if they did they were apparently wrong. Treehouse building-company Blue Forest created today's featured workspace, providing a roomy office with plenty of room to work and relax.

This sort of thing is probably a very expensive undertaking, but it's a good reminder that your workspace doesn't have to be 1) in a space designed for an office, and 2) no fun. While you might not be tossing your file cabinets, desks, and computers up into a tree anytime soon, be sure not to limit yourself by the ideas of what a workspace should be.

For many more pictures, including the exterior, hit up the post over at Inhabitat.

Blue Forest's Treehouse Office is a High-Flying Wooden Workplace [Inhabitat]


    the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Myst :-)

    The first thing that came to find was I'm moving in. The second was, where am I going to put all my crap!

    That's very nice indeed. Perhaps it's time Lifehacker did some posts on working with power tools so regular guys like me can build a sweet, geeked out desk!

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