The Junkbox Is An Online Marketplace To Buy And Sell DIY Electronic Parts

For all those DIY projects we cover, sometimes you need some specific parts that are hard to come by. Or perhaps you have some you'd like to get rid of yourself. The Junkbox helps you accomplish both of those things.

The process is pretty simple, as there's no built-in payments system. People just post an ad and if you're interested in anything you can email them directly from that ad. It's a lot like a Craigslist posting, but there's no requirement for it to be local. Of course, you can find out where the item is located.

While the site is still fairly small, if you're looking for some rare items or have any to get rid of, Junkbox is at your disposal.

The Junkbox [via Reddit]


    Pity it's not Australian! Why bother putting this on the .au page?

      It doesn't appear to be locked to any specific country lets you list items from Australia. There don't appear to be many Aussies on there at present, but it's still quite a small community.

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