Sun Bleach Your Shirt

If you're looking for an ultra-low cost way to add style to plain dark shirts, sun bleaching lets you bleach basic designs using no more than cardboard, a few binder clips, and a week or two of sunshine.

Instructables user keynant came up with the process. Cut out your image on a piece of carboard and place it over the shirt. Place another piece of cardboard under the shirt and use binder clips to keep everything together. Place this outside in a sunny area for at least a week, and the contrast in the protected areas creates the design.

More details and photos can be found at the link below.

How to sun-bleach your own shirt [Instructables]


    That's actually pretty cool I like it..
    If only I could afford a shirt..

    I learnt about sun bleaching thanks to freedom's labeled plastic wrapping on my bed - leaving it on the verandah for a few weeks, it has freedom written all over one side panel!

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