Store Knives Upside Down In A Knife Block For Sharp Blades

If you have a knife block and keep your knives in their slots, one simple way to keep the knives from resting on their blades and dulling as you slide them in and out is to turn them over and store them with the blade facing up.

It's a simple kitchen tip, but it's one that can keep your knives from dulling as you take them out of the knife block or put them back when you're finished using them. It also keeps the knives from resting in the block on their points or on their blades. Granted, if you get a magnetic knife rack, you can store your knives without worrying about the blades at all, but this is an easy way to keep using your knife block and prolong the life of your knives between proper honing or sharpening. How do you store your knives? Share your tips in the comments.

Test Kitchen Tips: Storing Knives in a Knife Block [LA Times Daily Dish]


    Strangely enough, I thought of this two days ago. First time I reached for a knife I nearly sliced my finger off. FAIL!

    I think that the knife will be resting on the blade ether way.

    The Knife block is usually at an angle, say 45 degrees. So to Balance the Blade and handle at that angle, the blade (or back if you do leave them in reverse as suggested) rests on the block that end, the other (pointy) end touches the top of the block with the weight of the knife / handle. If the knife Resting in the Block makes it blunt, storing them upside down would make the more used pointy end blunt first.

    As for when you pull the knife in and out, I think it is more of a matter if the person tries pulling it out by cutting through the block or simply lifting the knife. If the blade is stored sharp side up, you'd be just as likely to blunt the pointy end of the knife if you take it out by pushing down on the handle.

    I thought this was common knowledge! My family was doing it long before I was born :\

      I thought this was the way they are meant to go in a knife block. Never even thought about putting them in blade down.

    I like to store my knifes out sight. If some #@%&^ breaks into my place, I don't want to make easy for him to arm himself with something sharp and strong.

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