Store Bread At Room Temperature For 6 Times The Freshness

Do you store bread in the fridge thinking it will stay fresher there, like other foods? Mythbusting website Today I Found Out says you're better off keeping it on the counter, because bread gets stale much more quickly in the refrigerator.

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The reason for this is that as soon as bread has been baked it slowly begins a process called retrogration where the starch molecules begin to dry out or crystallise. Bread goes stale more quickly in the fridge, the article says, because:

Water molecules detach themselves from the starch molecules and the starch molecules begin to take their original shape and harden again. The cool temperatures of the refrigerator make the dehydration process happen more quickly, specifically, about six times as fast via the process listed above.

Personally, I have found bread to get harder more quickly in the fridge, but also more mouldy more quickly in the bread bin. What about you? Do you find bread stays fresher longer in the fridge or on the counter? Sound off in the comments.

Bread Goes Stale About Six TImes Faster in the Refrigerator than at Room Temperature [Today I Found Out]


    Having spent six months in Namibia Sth Africa, we sometimes used the local bakery for bread, but at the time they didn't use preservatives, so unless you ate it straight away, it was like eating biscuits! and not nice tasting biscuits either! The locals however were used to it and that's how they served it.
    Personally I use a tupperware bread bin and keep the bread in the original bag with most of the air squeezed out. Seems to last the best part of the week before it's unusable. Never had a mould problem with it! #}

    I rather slightly stale than mouldy. I usually keep the bread out for a couple of days then if its not finished it goes in the fridge.

    I keep mine in the freezer and toast it - mmmm acrylamides

    I store my bread on my wooden cutting board, cut side down. I like breads with a good, crisp crust; this helps keep it fresher longer.
    If I need to keep it longer, I wrap it well in plastic and then freeze it. It's usually good for a couple of weeks in there. I either defrost it at room temperature, or in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes.

    That's true that crystals form in the refrigerator, making the bread hard. But heating the bread up will break down the crystals, making it soft again. So if you don't mind reheating the bread, and it's not drying out in the fridge, it might be an acceptable method.

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