Set Your Mobile Desktop To These Android And iPhone Wallpapers

Smartphones and tablets need wallpapers too. Here's a collection of Android and iPhone wallpapers to help give your mobile a new look.

Android: Wishes Sprout

Download this wallpaper [Flikie via AppStorm 960x854]

iPad: Vector Tree

Download this wallpaper [My iGuru 1024x1024]

Note: Whitson's favourite iPad wallpaper.

iPhone: City Lights

Download this wallpaper [Tech Age Site 960x640]

Android: Quiet Sky and Lightning Rippling

Download this wallpaper [Flikie 960x854

iPhone: Vector Cloud

Download this wallpaper [Daily iPhone Blog 960x540]

Android: Street Art in Poissy

Download this wallpaper [Flikie 960x854]

iPhone: Pixel Forest

Download this wallpaper [iDesign iPhone 480x320]

Android: Canyon

Download this wallpaper [Wallpaper Passion via AppStorm 960x800]

The Grid

Download this wallpaper [Bartelme Design 960x540]

Android: Quiet Night

Download this wallpaper [Vlad Studio via AppStorm 960x800]


    Like the wallpapers, but it'd be cool if you could also throw up a few sized for a Honeycomb tablet. I'm sorry I don't know the correct resolution, but the way that honeycomb uses the wallpaper, only showing a section of it at a time, it's hard to find wallpapers that look good on them.

      Transformer wallpaper resolution size is 4368 X 2912

      Check the resolution by looking at the default wallpaper (ie. the one that was set as the background at purchase) in the gallery app and look at the 'details' of the image.

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