Score A Car App Lets You Rank Used Car Deals

Score A Car App Lets You Rank Used Car Deals

iOS/Android: If you’re in the market for a used car, keeping track of potential buys and working out if there are likely to be performance issues in the future can be tricky. The Score A Car app from vehicle history tracking site lets you record details of possible purchases and scores them on a range of factors to identify the most suitable purchase for you.

Here’s how the app is explained in the press announcement:

A vehicle’s score, between 0-100, is determined by make, model, year of manufacture, odometer reading and sale price. The score can also be adjusted based on an individual’s preferences for safety, power and environmental factors. The higher the score, the better the vehicle is for the buyer.

The app is currently free, but the developers say the price will rise to $2.49 at the beginning of October. If you give either flavour a try, tell us how it runs in the comments.

Score A Car


  • The problem (at least as far as the article suggests) is that this app assumes all cars have no defects.

    While this is probably true for cars less than 3-5 years old, most used cars have at least something wrong with them – be it cosmetic like hail damage or scratches, to borderline dangerous (i.e. serverely warn shocks).

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