RevoLights: Smart Bicycle Wheel Lights That Look Great, Keep You Alive

Traditional bike safety lights mount on the back and look more like brake lights on a car, with variations being those LED lights you can stick on the wheels for Tron-esque side visibility. The Revolights, however, give you back and side visibility while being able to illuminate the road in front of you for night riding.

Here's a high level overview of how it works: Revolights attach to both wheels, detecting how fast your tires spin and only activating the appropriate LEDs so that you're always only blowing out light behind and in front of you (and not in your own eyes). When you're slowing to a stop, the light pattern changes to a safety-cycle, going around in a circle to show people that yes, you're still there, but just waiting for a light like a good cyclist.

Revolights are just a Kickstarter project now, but they've already gotten twice the amount of funding they need, and should start production when the design is finalised. The downside is that something on this scale and complexity will retail for $US220, so it's not cheap. But if you're a frequent night biker who wants to stay safe and look semi-futuristic, it's not a bad choice.

Kickstarter [via Hack A Day]


    $220? Bah, my daughter's safety isn't worth that much!

    The guy in the demo isn't even wearing a safety helmet!

      Just because it's a legal requirement in Australia doesn't mean that they're an effective safety tool.

        Two weeks ago i crashed at 40kmh and landed on my back. The back of my helmet was destroyed. That could have been my head.

        I don't understand fools who do not wear helmets.

    They look awesome when the person is riding, but there's way too much going on when you stop.

    As an alternative, check out Monkey Lights. It's a panel of 16 LEDs that you affix to your spokes, which can be programmed to display in different colours and patterns. As the wheel spins around you get some funky patterns.

    My ladyfriend has a couple and they work okay, but all the colours except red died out pretty quickly (just a problem with coloured LEDs in general). They're still good as a visibility aid.

    Looks like they're selling for around US$60 a panel at the moment.

    Some nice shots in the gallery:

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