Reminder: What You Need To Know For The Census

Tonight is census night, but if you're planning on doing the census online, you can get in early and beat the likely server overload. For more advice on getting through the census process, check out our guide to ten things to remember when doing the census online.


    Did mine last Thursday, eCensus was really quick and easy! #]

    did mine last night, so thanks LH for the tip to do it early.

    They seem a bit disorganised this year, we still haven't got ours though i will be at someone elses tonight so i have to fill in theirs anyway, but my mum and her partner cant fill in what they don't have, and are not savvy enough to do it online. So unless it arrives today they wont be doing it.

    @Tim phone up the census office- perhaps it was delivered and lost.

    It's unlikely there'll be a server overload. The hardware running the census has managed much more than a few million piddly surveys

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