Enhances iOS App For iPad

4 Enhances iOS App For iPad

There are already iPhone and Android apps from (one of the two main players in the Australian online real estate market). The site has now updated its iOS app to include iPad-specific features including “magazine-style” browsing and the ability to see property details and search results on a single page. attracted 22 million page views from iPads on its standard site during July, which suggests that there’s plenty of house hunters out there wielding tablets who might fancy an app. If you’ve given it a try, tell us your thoughts in the comments. The app is free to download, and works across both iPhone and iPad devices. [iTunes App Store]


  • i prefer over domain because 99% of stuff ends up on while domain usually only gets “most” stuff.
    I do prefer the fine grained searching on domain though, being able to show properties near transport etc, however most agents do not fill out all the nitty gritty info on domain to make it all that good, so once again you end up missing heaps of properties.

    I do dislike the usability of though, their iphone app is very very basic and doesn’t even sync bookmarks between the site/app.

    Domain’s app is goood, but once again it’s domain and you end up missing a lot of potential listings.

    will try out the ipad app though

  • Had a play and it’s very much like the iPhone app in terms of features. So it’s fairly basic, but it’s very nicely done and works well on the iPad.

    It lacks a lot of things that only the website provides both in terms of features and information. For example Open For Inspection times aren’t available in at all.

    Also one of the most requested features in the app store reviews for the iphone app is bookmark syncing between the iPhone app and website, they haven’t even attempted anything of the likes in the iPad app.

    Overall it’s the iPhone app made for the iPad

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