Quickly Thaw Frozen Foods In Your Washing Machine

Quickly Thaw Frozen Foods In Your Washing Machine

Thawing frozen foods with cold water in your sink works well, but uses a lot of water. Instead, culinary website The Cook’s Thesaurus suggests putting those foods (in a waterproof freezer bag) in the washing machine, filling it with cold water, and using the delicate setting; the agitation and cold water will defrost the food quickly.Photo by Andrew Kelsall.

Make sure you don’t let the washer go into the spin cycle, and keep in mind that if you thaw food using cold water methods you must cook it immediately, unlike thawing in the refrigerator where you have a day or two.

Defrosting [The Cook’s Thesaurus]


  • This is ridiculous! First, good luck if you own a front loader, second you’d want to make bloody sure it doesn’t leak! third, it’s still going to use a lot of water and fourth, it’s just plain stupid!! If I want to defrost meat on a cold day, I fill the sink with hot water, place the meat in a large pot, preferably with a copper base, and sit it in the water with the lid on. Sure it still uses a lot of water, though not as much as a washing machine, and you don’t run the risk of microbes from your washing machine contaminating the meat!! #[

  • Another vote for ridiculous-ness.

    I use my microwave, high, for 1 min, but change location of the item around inside every 20 secs to avoid cooking.

  • No.

    Don’t do this at all. The risk of cross-contamination is huge! not to mention that food (meats) should be defrosted in a fridge so that it does not go above 4/5c

    bad form.

  • As someone who has repaired more than a few washing machines, the amount of scrud hidden inside the machine is more than enough to convince me that putting food anywhere near a washing machine is very unhygienic.

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