Put Your Mac Or Monitor To Sleep With A Keyboard Command

Mac: If you're finished working with your Mac for the day and want a quick way to turn off the monitors or put your system to sleep, you don't need to use a hot corner or special app to do it, just a keyboard shortcut.Photo by Declan Jewell.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Eject to put your Mac's displays to sleep immediately, with no warnings or delay. If you're really finished working and want to put your entire Mac to sleep, press Opt+Cmd+Eject to instantly put your Mac to sleep.

While the Mac has no consistently effective keyboard command to lock the screen, you can set it to require a password to wake up from sleep (System Preferences > Security) and combine it with the instant-sleep shortcut to get the same effect.

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    What about on a MacBook air? There's no eject button.

      Close the lid

        That is not a keyboard shortcut. Has anyone found keyboard shortcuts for the MacBook Air to sleep / display sleep?

          System Preferences > Expose & Spaces > Active Screen Corners > Make one of them "Put display to sleep"

            That's what I do now with my MacBook Pro. I find it more convenient then a keyboard shortcut :)

              Sorry for being a Johnny-Come-Lately to this thread, but I just found it.

              I do not like using a Hot Corner (alone) because too often I would inadvertently sleep the screen by random movement of the the cursor. However, there is a solution....

              You can add a "modifier key" (e.g., the "Command" key) to the hot corner sequence so that moving the cursor to the chosen hot corner does NOT sleep the screen unless you also push and hold the modifier key.

              To add a modifier key, open "System Preferences", go to "Desktop & Screen Saver", choose the "Screen Saver" tab, and click on "Hot Corners…". Open the dropdown for the corner you prefer. Before clicking "Put Display to Sleep" hold down the Command key (or another modifier key*) and then click "Put Display to Sleep".

              VoilĂ ! Now the display will sleep only if you hold down the Command key before moving the cursor to the chosen Hot Corner.

              *I believe the only modifier keys available for this are Shift, Control, Option and Command -- you can use any one of them or combinations.

                TFE: what a great tip! So many times I accidentally put my display too sleep with a random bump of the mouse. Hot corner + command key is an ideal sequence for me!

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