Put A Camera Shortcut And Torch Button On Your iOS Lock Screen

Put A Camera Shortcut And Torch Button On Your iOS Lock Screen

iOS (jailbroken): FlashCam sticks two extra buttons on your iOS lock screen that give you quick access to your camera and an LED torch.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, though it doesn’t do you much good if you take 10 seconds to find it. You may not need your camera or torch that often, but when you do, you need them quickly. FlashCam puts a button for each right on your lock screen so you can access them right away.

To install FlashCam, just open up Cydia and go to Manage > Sources. Add the http://cydia.wrightscs.com repository, then search for FlashCam in the Cydia database. You’ll find it in your Settings app, where you can tweak where it shows up on the screen, which camera app it uses, and more. Note that this conflicted with some of my custom lock screen tweaks, so if you have a custom lock screen, your mileage may vary with this app.

Haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch just yet? Head on over to our jailbreaking guide for the complete instructions.

FlashCam [BigBoss via AddictiveTips]


  • I’m running lockinfo (or lock calendar) and it doesn’t seem to work , ahh well Ill just stick with the Switcherplus for now, I rely on having my calendar visible at a glance more than fast photo taking at the moment.

  • If it’s just the flashlight functionality you’re after, you could install the free “SpringFlash” from the BigBoss repo. You activate the flashlight by double-tapping on the clock on the lockscreen.

    This works well for me because I use LockInfo, and don’t have room for apps like FlashCam

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