PicPlum Sends Photos To Your Friends Via Email, Snail Mail

If you have family consistently bothering you for pictures and updates on your life, PicPlum might be the solution you're looking for. It's an automated, subscription-based mail service that lets you curate and choose pictures to send to people of your choosing on a monthly basis.

To set up PicPlum, all you need to do is login and enter the addresses of any recipients you'd like, and then upload your photos. You can choose to send both digital and print versions and after a few clicks to confirm, you're done. Once you're setup, you can continue submit photos to your queue by emailing them or uploading them directly, then PicPlum will remember to send to them out for you.

The charge is $US7 per recipient and you get 15 photos each month, with an additional $US0.50 charge if you want to add an extra. While PicPlum is more expensive than the likes of Shutterfly, its automation is a handy tool for anyone too busy to remember to send out photos on a regular basis. It's clearly intended for busy parents, but if that sounds like you, you might want to hit up the link below.

Picplum [via Swiss Miss]


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