Mixest Offers Dead-Simple Music Discovery For Indie Fans

Web/Android: Music discovery doesn't have to be a social experience, or involve searches or complicated algorithms. Mixest, a free music discovery service that specialises in obscure and independent musicians, does one thing: plays new music you probably haven't heard.Mixest pulls music in from independent music blogs around the web and drops them into a massive database behind the scenes. To you however, all you get is a progress bar, the song title, a play/pause button and a "next" button. If you don't think you're hearing music that's new or niche enough, click the "more obscure" button to hear something a bit more underground.

Create an account to keep track of the songs you've listened to, and click the heart icon to share the songs you like with friends on Twitter. Download the Android app to listen to Mixest radio on the go. The service also works in Safari mobile, so iOS users can stream music on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as well. Mixest won't replace services like Grooveshark, but it's definitely a great lean-back experience full of new indie tunes.



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