Minus Is A Drag-And-Drop File-Sharing Service

Minus Is A Drag-And-Drop File-Sharing Service

You’ll find no shortage of simple file-sharing services on the web (see previously mentioned ge.tt), but file-sharing app Minus sets itself apart with dedicated apps for nearly every platform (in addition to the browser-accessible web app).

You can snag Minus for Windows, Mac or Linux as a desktop app, or for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile for sharing on the go. If you’re not interested in a full app, you can always use the website — and even beef up that experience with Firefox and Chrome extensions. Using any of the apps, you can upload files into the cloud and share them with just a couple clicks. Once your file is uploaded, you’ll get a direct link to it so you can quickly send it off or share it on a variety of social networks.

Check out the full details and download the app of your choice below.


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