DIY Grappling Hook Launcher For Extreme Tree Climbing

MIT student and DIYer crreed shows us how to build a grappling hook out of a fire extinguisher and a nerf gun.

The gun is actually not that complicated to build; the hardest part, crreed says, is finding all the materials. Most you can probably find at a store like Bunnings, but others you might have to search for online. It's a lot of hoses and clamps, but the main power behind the gun is a dry chemical fire extinguisher and an N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35 Nerf Gun (seriously). You'll need some heavy duty tools, like a dremel, a hack saw, and a propane torch for soldering, but nothing a Batman wannabe wouldn't already have in his or her tool chest. Check out the video above to see it in action, and hit the link below for the full how-to.

Grappling Hook Launcher [Instructables via Nerd Approved]


    I'm pretty sure the police will arrest you for carrying that around regardless of it's use.. If it shoots a projectile with air pressure from a fire extinguisher it would be counted as a category A firearm (air Rifle)

    Seems like for that kind of distance you could easily swing / throw the grapple hook. A Grappling Hook Launcher seems only useful if it can fire the hook further than you can throw.

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