Make Flowers Last Longer By Feeding Them Sugar And Vodka

Flowers can do a lot to brighten up your home until they start to rot and die. While they're not going to live forever, according to green living blog The Daily Green, you can provide a little life support with sugar and vodka:

Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vase. It should help keep your flowers fresh longer. Change out the mixture with fresh ingredients daily.

Seems like a pretty simple way to get a little more out of your flowers. If you've got the touch of death rather than a green thumb, this might be worth a try.

10 Weird Uses for Vodka [The Daily Green]


    Didn't 'Myth Busters' do a storey on this, and find that just plain fresh water works best? #}

    I never saw Mythbusters, but was going to say more or less the same thing. If you're changing out the water for fresh water each day, then that'll more than likely keep them going longer anyway. One of my exes kept some flowers I gave her for maybe a month or more, and they only started going off once she forgot to keep changing the water.

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