Mac OS X Lion USB Drives Now Available From Apple For $75

If you have especially slow internet, or for any other reason want a physical copy of OS X Lion, you can buy it on a flash drive for $75 from Apple. 9to5Mac is reporting that some users may be able to get them free of charge if they're "unable to use Lion's built-in recovery tools".

The USB sticks are available through AppleCare, though if you're able to download it from the App Store, you can always just make your own for free. Hit the link for more info. [9to5Mac]


    An excellent way to get a fresh, clean install.

    However, you can do it for 30 bucks instead of 75 if you are willing to download.

    1. Simply download Lion, then right-click the app and choose 'show package contents'
    2. Inside there will be a SharedSupport folder. Inside that, an 'InstallESD.dmg' file.
    3. In Disk Manager, burn InstallESD.dmg to a DVD (or a flash drive).
    4. Reboot, insert media, and fresh install Lion.

      Yes, there's a link to LH's guide on this that I hadn't noticed first time. Ah well. A nice quick little guide for ya there I suppose ;)

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