Lunch It, Punch It Cards Inspire You To Pack Your Lunch More Often

It's hard to stay motivated about brown bagging your lunch everyday, even though it's cheaper and often healthier to pack your own. Lunch It, Punch It cards are a fun way to stay motivated: for each 10 lunches you pack, reward yourself with eating lunch out.

Just download and print the free cards to start tracking your progress and turn brown bagging into a game or challenge.

Lunch It, Punch It


    Going to try this starting next week! Its hard when working shift, either eat bad or not at all.

    Doesn't help when my flatmate complains about my cooking making the place smell - and then sits down to enjoy my food for dinner!

    I'm giving this link to all my weight loss clients. The more I can make it like a game, the better they all seem to do!

    Ummm... small point: unless you're planning on making yourself starve when you don't pack a lunch, the "reward" in this whole cunning plan seems to be absolutely identical to the "punishment"...

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