Lion Tweaks Fixes Common Annoyances In Apple's Latest OS

Mac: If you upgraded to Mac OS X Lion and immediately started finding system settings and changes you disliked, Lion Tweaks is a utility that gives you one-click access to enable or disable all of Lion's most loved — or hated — new features.If the new hidden library folder annoys you, or OS-wide spelling correction is more irritating than it is helpful, or you just can't get used to Apple's new "natural scrolling", Lion Tweaks gives you an application where you can toggle all of those settings on or off quickly. Everything from Lion's new Full Screen Mode to Apple's new resume features are fair game for you to customise.

Lion Tweaks is free and available now. Obviously, it supports Mac OS 10.7 systems only.

Lion Tweaks [ via MacUpdate]


    It'd be nice if this was standard. I've never understood why software makers can't just put a whole bunch of settings in an 'advanced' folder. If you don't wanna use them, you don't have to!

    Because Apple know better than you, obviously!

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