Lifehacker Will Be On Tiger's First Sydney Flight This Friday

At Lifehacker, we're all about first-hand experience. So having covered Tiger's extended closure due to safety concerns, it only seems sensible to see how the airline performs when it resumes flying. So I've just booked myself a seat on TT581 leaving Sydney this Friday at 1355.

I've only flown Tiger once before, as part of our Four Airlines In One Day experiment, and at the time I found them unremarkable. I'm not sure what the experience will be like this time around, but I'll be posting regular updates here on Lifehacker. Any thoughts on particular things I should look out for, other than a safe landing?


    Nope. A safe landing is about all you should worry about.

    Some journalists go to war zones. Angus flies Tiger.

    I think the war zone folks got the better deal...

    Well Gus, it was nice to meet you. I presume we can expect a lot more Dachis articles over the next few weeks? :P

    Morbidity over; I kid. I flew Tiger once, and once only. Once the painful checkin was over, the period of take-off to touch-down was, as you say, unremarkable.

    I'd put money on the flight getting cancelled... in my experience with them if there aren't enough people on a flight, they just cancel it and put you on another one..

    Not sure many people would be as brave to go on their first flight back from closure..

      In my experience, they do that even when the flight is full.

    Did you book a return flight or is that just a bit too dangerous?

    I bet you're flying back Virgin?

      You would lose that bet. But no, I didn't book a return flight.

    after being stuffed around by them so many time, I joined the legions of folks who've sworn off tiger for good.

    They really are a garbage company.

      FACT is without Tiger prices would have never stooped to 2 digit figures...

      I flew Tiger a number of times, even through a Storm, my last flight which got delayed by 2hrs was due to a Tyre change, I'll still gladly fly them again when the NEED arises, as I haven't had any issues flying International or Domestic..., Gimme em cheap fares thts all !

      I've flown them four times total (one return trip, and two one ways with the other part of the trip paid for in Qantas FF points) and never had a problem.

      On average the delay to boarding has been about 30 minutes, but considering the price, I don't really mind. The service is decent, it's as comfortable as economy ever is, and I arrived in my destination alive and with a bit of extra spending money. Perfect.

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