Lifehacker Readers Happy To Sleep With Their Phones

Lifehacker Readers Happy To Sleep With Their Phones

Last week, we asked readers how quickly they turned to their phones after waking, and the answer turns out to be: most of you hit your mobile before you’ve even had time to wipe the crusty stuff out of your eyes. A whopping 68.% of you said that checking your phone was “the very first thing you do”. Add in the 10% who grab their phone as soon as they’ve been to the toilet, and it’s clear that we don’t want to be disconnected for long.

Picture by Andrew Bowden

Just 6.7% held off using their phone until their daily commute had begun, while roughly 5% went for each of the other options of waiting until after a shower, checking the phone at breakfast or ignoring it altogether. Thanks everyone for voting, and I hope you sleep soundly tonight and remember to put your phone in bedside mode.


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