Leave Plants In A Sink When Away For Worry-Free Watering

If you're headed away from home for a few days, there's no reason to ask a friend to come visit and regularly water your plants when you could fill a sink or bathtub with an inch or two water and let your plants water themselves instead.

This trick only works if your plants don't really need sunlight, or if your bathroom or kitchen gets good enough sunlight that your plants won't miss it when you're away. Just an inch or two of water and your plants can take care of themselves.

We've discussed how you can use cotton strips for no-fuss watering, but this method is a bit easier and doesn't require as much setup before you leave for your trip. What are some of your favourite ways to keep your plants healthy when you're away? Share your tips in the comments.

How to Keep Houseplants Watered While on Vacation [Real Simple]


    Even better if you're going away for longer is to have a slightly dripping tap.

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