Laundruino Alerts You Over LAN When Your Laundry Is Done

Laundruino Alerts You Over LAN When Your Laundry Is Done

If you’ve ever found a pile of damp, stinky clothes in your washing machine after forgetting about them, Laundruino is for you. A user on the Fellowship for Free Software Foundation created it by connecting a machine’s timer to a home network in order to monitor the wash from any computer in the house, which is especially helpful if your machine is hidden away in a basement.

The Laundruino uses an Arduino Uno and an Ethernet shield to hack through the end-of-cycle notification and ping a web address over LAN when the cycle is complete. Check out the full tutorial and the source code over at the Fellowship for FSFE if you’re interested in setting up your own, but don’t follow suit with the image above and leave your computer on the washing machine as the vibrations will cause issues with the hard drive.

Laundruino [Fellowship of FSFE via Hack a Day]


  • If only you could use the HDD shock detection to you advantage.

    Step 1: Place Laptop on washing machine
    Step 2: Washing Machine stops, and stops vibrating, .
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: Shock protection, stops going off and alerts you that the washing is done.

  • Why not make an android app that sends an sms (or another kind of message perhaps Twitter.) when the vibrations have stopped for 5 mins.

    Then any old android could be repurposed as a washing done notification device.

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