Kogan HQ Looks Like Business-Class Plane Seating

Most workplaces feature desks, but it's not entirely surprising that online electronics retailer Kogan chose to go in a different direction. A recent revamp to its office has replaced many desks with a chair which combines a laptop stand and built-in speakers in the headrests.

You can plug music into the USB slots on the chairs for music playback, and there's even built-in massage options. Kogan's blog post doesn't make it clear how many staff have the new option; I for one would prefer a standard desk, but it's good to see other approaches explored.

Kogan Blog


    Does this remind anyone else of the humans in Wall-E?

    Reminds me of Wall-E:

    My number #1 rule for avoiding carpel tunnel is to make sure my elbows aren't at a lower elevation to my wrists. Forget posture, monitor position, typing style etc etc, it's the elevation angle of the arm that matters.

    These guys are going to be in a world of pain...

    I do tend to agree with the other commenters about the arm positioning. If there wer some well placed/adjustable arm rests, I think this could be fantastic though. I'd surely put my hand up to test drive one in my office!

    I want to know where to get those chairs at, Would make programming much easier

    Doesn't look healthy.

    Looks like they are just surfing the web and watching TV all day anyway!

    I want to know why each of them has at least one screen containing a big blue triangle in the middle... o_O

    fugly as

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