Kmart Selling Android Motorola Flipout For $79

A fortnight ago, Dick Smith was selling the Motorola Flipout for $99. Now Kmart has the square Android phone at $79 until August 31. Like the previous deal, it's on Vodafone but you can remove the network lock online. [Kmart via OzBargain]


    Will a 3 Sim card work on this unit?

      In my experience, VHA/3 SIMs will work in a network locked phone - but I wouldn't take that has being a static rule.

      Having said that, by Gus' comments seems this phone is able to be unlocked for free using Vodafones online locking tool:

    Looks too much like a kid/teenager phone for my liking but then again, I suppose there is that market as well. Good price.. but if you don't want Vodafone, you'll probably need to pay another $75 to have it unlocked.

      Yeah not one I'd be in a rush to buy... Maybe I'd buy one for someone else, and only if there wasn't an alternative...

    When will Motorola stop making ugly as I-don't-know-what phones?

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