Internode Rolls Out ADSL2+ In Alice Springs

Internode Rolls Out ADSL2+ In Alice Springs

Residents of major cities are used to the idea that they will have a range of broadband options to choose from. However, Internode’s newly-announced ADSL2+ service in Alice Springs is the first non-Telstra service option to be offered.

With a population of around 27,000, Alice Springs isn’t a major metropolis in population terms, but it’s still the second-largest town in the Northern Territory. It’s great that there’s no more competition to provide broadband options, but it’s hard to imagine that competition extending into more remote areas. After all, if a town that size has only just seen broadband competition, how long before it shows up in Katherine? Enter the NBN, I suspect.



      • C’mon.

        We Alice Springs people miss out on so much that city folks take for granted. Like cheap flights to anywhere or even home delivery on groceries.

        We don’t complain much -and we put up with a lot of being treated like 2nd class citizens just because we’re part of the NT- so for once, how bout celebrating one small win and celebrate with us?

  • This is great news for Alice Springs. They have needed this for so long, they are so technologly advanced there, it’s set to be the next big technology hub.

    Great people to, I met an executive from Alice just the other.. Sh*t he sure could clap those sticks.

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