Internode Makes IPv6 Available To All Customers

Internode has been one of the most visible advocates of IPv6. Having run trials for the better part of two years, all Internode customers can now opt-in to using IPv6 rather than IPv4. Presuming you have a router with IPv6 support, that shouldn't require much more than changing your login settings,

Internode founder Simon Hackett told Lifehacker earlier this year that the company expected to make all new customer connections across both ADSL and NBN via IPv6 before the end of 2011, and introducing the opt-in version for all customers makes that more likely than ever. If you're not across why we need to switch to IPv6, check out our basic guide and our in-depth interview with Hackett on the issue



    I, for one, would like the coverage of the sudden $20 price hike some customers are experiencing.

    $70 a month?!

      +1, we've reluctantly switched from Internode back to Telstra because we get a far, far better deal when we bundle the phone. The $20 price hike is severely annoying because we were happy with Internode, but we can't afford that bump in price.

    Its not a matter of using IPv6 'rather than' IPv4.

    When you use the login you get a dual stack login - that is both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address. And if your router supports it an IPv6 Prefix for your LAN.

    @olearymo +1

    Also, unmetered content was been metered in IPv6, is this still the case?

      Unmetered content now unmetered.

      All unmetered content is still hosted on ipv4 so it is still unmetered they're working on making umetering work for ipv6. But since all the content is still on ipv4 you don't get charged.

      And yeah the price hikes I did not like even if they didn't effect me.

    +1 for coverage of price rise. $10 increase on my easy-naked plan. Called up and queried what was going on and was told Telstra had increased the "rent" for internode's infrastructure at my local exchange and they were passing that cost on.

    LifeHacker, any thoughts on covering the price rise? Seems a few people here would like to see something about it.

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