Install This Extension To Make BitTorrent A Breeze From Any Computer

Install This Extension To Make BitTorrent A Breeze From Any Computer

It isn’t particularly difficult to start a torrent download, but if you’re not at your main computer, starting a download and controlling your queue from afar can be a pain. Install one of these browser extensions in Chrome or Firefox to streamline your BitTorrent downloads, letting you monitor your torrents from any computer and start new ones with one click.

While magnet links have become pretty popular for .torrent-free downloads, and watch folders are always useful, the most common way to start a torrent download involves downloading the .torrent file and adding it to your BitTorrent client (like uTorrent or Transmission). If you aren’t on the BitTorrent-enabled machine, it’s even more drawn out: you have to download the torrent and add it through your client’s web interface or sync it to a watched folder using something like Dropbox. With these handy Chrome and Firefox extensions, however, you can add new torrents to your queue — and control your BitTorrent downloads — no matter where you are, with just a click of the mouse.

What These Extensions Do

Below, we’ve picked one extension for each of the popular browser/BitTorrent client combo — what you use will depend on your BitTorrent client and web browser of choice. Each extension serves two purposes:

  1. They give you quick access to your BitTorrent client’s web interface
  2. They let you add torrents to the queue from the context menu (even if your BitTorrent app-of-choice is running on a different machine).

Each extension has its idiosyncrasies, but they all do mostly the same thing: make BitTorrent a super-easy, one-click affair from anywhere. So pick the right one for your needs below.

The Extensions

For uTorrent/Chrome users: uTorrent for Google Chrome lets you start any torrent just by right-clicking on the link and choosing “Remote Add This Torrent”. You’ll need uTorrent’s web UI set up, and you’ll need to input its IP address, port number, and authentication info into the uTorrent extension first. It also puts a button in your extension toolbar that gives you quick access to the web UI in a small drop-down menu, so you never need it wasting one of your open tabs.

For uTorrent/Firefox usersuTorrent Status Toolgetting the uTorrent web UI set up

For Transmission/Chrome users: If you’re a Mac user, you can set up the Transmission web UI and control those torrents with Remote Transmission for Chrome. It adds a small button to your extension bar, from which you can view your active transfers without ever opening up a new tab. You can also add new torrents by right clicking on them and picking “Download with Remote Transmission”. In addition, it’ll give you a desktop notification whenever a torrent finishes downloading, which is nice.

For Transmission/Firefox usersAdd to Transmission

Bonus: If You Use Usenet

moved away from BitTorrent in favour of UsenetSABconnect++nzbdStatus

These extensions aren’t earth-shattering, but they will make your life a little bit easier by saving you from all those clicks it takes to download a torrent and monitor it from afar. If you’ve got your own time-saving BitTorrent extension you’re fond of, let us know about it in the comments.


  • Any Android app which serves a similar purpose?

    I’d love to be able to kick torrents off at home from my phone. I’ve currently got some cobbled together Dropbox/watchdir thing going on.

  • If you are using uTorrent 3.0, you can set up remote access via “Remote” in Preferences. This will allow you to access uTorrent from a web browser or your iPhone or Android without having to type in an IP address. Note that this is different from WebUI, which relies on an IP address and port number, whilst uTorrent Web ( requires you to have a username and password.

  • I use the utorrent webui to setup torrents from my phone. Utorrent runs on a server computer and two versions of the utorrent webui are accessible, the full version for desktops, laptops etc and a mobile opttimised version (called miniui I think) for iphones, android etc. You just have to copy/paste a torrent URL into the webui…

  • If you have the latest FireFox, you can sync your browsers – if they’re at home/work/on the phone – very nifty feature. Syncs your browsing history, passwords etc – the extension should follow you too.

  • Ive set a torrent folder in Dropbox.
    Drop the torrent file in there, it syncs to my home PC, utorrent sees it, starts downloading it and automatically deletes teh torrent file from dropbox.

  • Deluge has a full WebUI that duplicates almost all of the functionality of the standalone client.

    In conjunction with Google Reader, it’s always available and always downloading.

    +1 for flexget as well, for automating the whole process.

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