iHomework Keeps Track Of School Assignments And Due Dates

iHomework Keeps Track Of School Assignments And Due Dates

iOS/Mac: iHomework is a utility that can help you stay on top of your assignments and coursework, when they’re due, and who you have to work with to get it all done.

iHomework comes in two parts: an iOS app and a Mac app. The iOS app will sync tasks and due dates with your Mac if you buy both apps. You don’t need to, however. The iOS app is the real star of the show, and allows you to quickly add new assignments, projects and reminders so you won’t forget them. iHomework lets you add specific courses for your assignments so you can filter on them, view assignments due in the next day or week, and even add group projects and who you’re working with on them. You can also add your teachers and professors and their contact information so you have quick access to all of it.

In addition to coursework, you can add notable class events, like tests, quizzes, half-yearlies and finals, and the app will remind you when one of those events is coming up. iHomework for iOS will set you back $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, and the companion Mac app will cost you $2.99. If you’re a student, how do you keep track of your coursework? A regular calendar, or do you use a special app? Share your tips in the comments.

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  • I tend to abuse Evernote and a pocket diary. We’re told to use our pocket diary in class frequently, but Evernote for Android is nice if you want to take voice recordings for projects or assemble media otherwise.

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