HTTPS Everywhere Leaves Beta, Now Supports Over 1000 Sites

HTTPS Everywhere Leaves Beta, Now Supports Over 1000 Sites

Firefox: Firefox extension HTTPS everywhere, which switches your browser to SSL automatically for any websites where a secure connection is available, just hit version 1.0 and now supports well over 1000 sites, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tor and others.HTTPS Everywhere is a product by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and is currently only available for Firefox. The EFF notes that they want to build a Chrome version, but unfortunately the extension wouldn’t work in Chrome without changes to the browser’s source. The last time we looked at HTTPS everywhere, it only supported a handful of sites. Now, the extension boasts hundreds of new ones, including file transfer and upload services, social networks, and more. The new version also addresses some of the performance issues in the beta version.

HTTPS Everywhere [EFF via Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog]


  • I just downloaded it to FF… I don’t really understand what it does? besides the extra security! Web protocols are not a strong point for me. I notice it doesn’t have sites like ‘eBay’ etc.. I was kind of hoping it would make it harder to be tracked when using ‘isohunt’ which is supported, and sites like it..! #}

    • All it really does, is redirect you to the secure encrypted version of a website your visiting, if offered.

      i.e. – normally if you type “” into the awesome bar, you’d navigate to “”. With HTTPS Everywhere, typing the same address points you automatically to “”.

      It only works on website that offer https encryption, and it’ll do nothing help you with anonymous torrenting.

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