How To Set A Sleep Timer On Your iPhone

If you want to listen to music on your iPhone for a set period of time — maybe because you need to go somewhere in 30 minutes or you're trying to fall asleep to music — the built-in clock app has a neat feature. You can set a timer to sleep your iPod once time runs out.It's really easy to do. Just open up the clock app, set the time you want, and then tap "When Timer Ends". If you scroll all the way down to the last option, past your ringtones, you'll see one called "Sleep iPod". Select that, start playing some music (or a podcast or whatever), and start the timer. When it ends, the music will fade out and stop.

For a demonstration, check out the video above.

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    This is great feature esp if you're like me and LOVE your audiobooks, but tend to fall asleep EVERYTIME even though you say to yourself... "I'll just listen for 15-20 mins then turn book off and go to sleep", but instead you fall asleep after 12 minutes and wake up 3-4 hours later... 3-4hrs further into the book... This feature stops that :-D

    OMG LEGEND! i've always wondered why this feature wasn't built in. coz it was on the ipod classics.

    stupid apple. hides everything!

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