How To Remove Candle Wax From Your Stuff

There's nothing like the ambience of candles — and nothing quite like hardened candle wax to try to pry off your furniture or floors. Here's how to get the wax stains off; there's even a bonus MacGuyver tip for carpets.

Photo by Banjo Brown.

Large pieces of hardened wax will probably pull off very easily, but for the little pieces still stuck, you can use either heat or freezing cold to help you remove wax from cloth, walls, floors or wood surfaces.

The Cold Method

  • Take some ice or, better yet, an ice pack and apply it to the wax to freeze it.
  • Then gently scrape the wax off with a thin object like a credit card. Don't use anything too sharp like a knife or you might damage the surface you're trying to remove the wax from.
  • For wooden surfaces, if any wax residue remains, rub in some cream furniture wax to the area which might help get the residue out.

The Heat Method

  • On hard surfaces, use a hair dryer to melt the wax and rub off with a cloth.
  • For carpets, we recommend this MacGyver tip: put a paper bag on top of the wax, then iron over the bag, pressing gently until all the wax is transferred to the paper bag.
  • You can also use the ironing and paper bag method to remove wax from fabrics, like tablecloths. Put one bag (or some newspaper) under the cloth and one on top and iron on medium heat until all the wax is transferred to the bag. Repeat as necessary.

That's it! No more melted wax troubles, hopefully.

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    How about,

    How To Remove Hot Glue Gun Glue From Your Stuff

    particularly off clothing.

    Might I suggest if you're letting candles burn on your carpet, or anything other than a safe surface, you are a candidate for the Darwin awards!

    Never burn any candles on anything you don't want damaged, I always use a glass candle holder, never had any problems, when it melts and gets stuck on the glass, pop it in the frezzer overnight and voila, the next morning, comes right off.

    The real question is: how do I get my housemate to clean HIS candle wax off MY stuff...?

    I found that instead of a paper bag, a hand cloth works like magic, or paper towel.

    My question is how you would clean candle wax off a lcd monitor. One new years got a little out of control and somehow the candles managed to get inside and all over my monitors. :/

    I've used newspaper between the wax and paper bag/iron trick - dropped a lava lamp onto carpet. Not good.

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