How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Into A Nice Flat Rectangle

Fitted sheets, with their odd round elastic-y corners, are a puzzle to fold. That is, unless you know how to fold a fitted sheet like a pro, as the video above shows us.

To get a fitted sheet into a nice flat rectangle, the key is to have all the corners tucked into each other. Watch the video from YouTube user Hisgirl777 for a better demonstration, but here are the steps:

1. Take the sheet warm out of the dryer (for fewer wrinkles, presuming you use a dryer) and shake it out.

2. Lay the sheet down with the long side facing you (across your body).

3. Stick your fingers into the bottom left corner.

4. Take the opposite corner right above it and pull it over the corner in your hand.

5. Repeat on the right side: place your right hand in the bottom right corner, then pull the opposite corner over it. You'll now be holding the corners in each hand.

6. Turn the corners in your left hand over the corners you're holding in the right. Now all four corners will be on your right hand.

7. Lay down this new square and smooth it out.

8. Square off the corners as best you can.

9. Fold into rectangles.

When done you might not even be able to tell it's a fitted sheet. Now you don't need to stuff balls of fitted sheets in your linen closet.


    I have been trying to figure this out for years.

      lol me too

    I confess that I happily just do this badly and stuff them up the back of the linien cupboard

    Then take the result along with the folded flat sheet and one of the pillow cases in shove the whole thing inside the remaining pillowcase for storage.

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