How To Disable Facebook's Chat Sidebar

If you're not interested in using Facebook's Chat feature, then the list hogging the right-hand side of your screen can be a nuisance. Fortunately, you can disable it with a simple extension.

The FB Chat Sidebar Disabler is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There's not much to it: just install it and you'll no longer have a list of friends popping up at the side of your screen. If you do want to chat, then you can still click the small chat pop-up at the bottom of the screen to see who is currently online — a better option for many of us.

Sidebar Disabler: Chrome, Firefox, Opera


    The Better Facebook extension also does this- and adds lots of improvements to LH- like being able to 'get to inbox zero' with your news feed. It also will filter your news feed. I'm not sure if BFB has been featured on LH before, and I'm just a happy user (no really!) and thought it was worth a mention.

    Uh, you can hide it by clicking the menu on it, no extension needed.

      Like, +1, Upmod....

      An extension is unnecessary, it's easy to hide it.

      I tend to only use Facebook chat via 3rd party Jabber clients (like Miranda IM or Pidgin)

      Same here. Only explanation I can offer is perhaps Facebook is gradually rolling out removal of this option?

    It actually removes the sidebar and returns the chat to the old style one.. Much better imho

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